St. VincentWelcome to the embassy of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines to Cuba.


Embassy in CubaThe Embassy of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the Republic of Cuba was opened in Havana, Cuba on October 20th, 2005. It is located in the Centro de Negocios Miramar, Edificio Jerusalen, Oficina # 403, Ave. 3ra. y calle 80, Miramar, Playa.

The office can be contacted through this website, by telophone 206-9783 or by fax 206-9782

Sir Louis Straker is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Commerce. Sir Louis Straker, who was first elected to parliament in 1994, returned as head of the Ministry after the 2015 General elections.

The Permanent Secretary, Mr. Nathaniel Williams, is the administrative head of  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Commerce.

Minister Of Foreign Affairs                                                                                                                             Permanent Secretary
Hon. Sir Louis Straker                                                                                                                                                     Mr. Nathaniel Williams

Minister Of Foreign AffairsPermanent Secretary

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