St. VincentWelcome to the embassy of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines to Cuba.

Argyle Interantional Airport

The Government of St. vincent and the Grenadines, with a twenty-five year development plan and the help of strategy partnerships, has embarked on a programmative approach to transforming the economy, alleviating poverty, providing quality education and creating a pathway for sustainable growth and development.

The Government has as a core principle that educational opportunities for all is essential to break the cycle of poverty that prevades pockets of the society.  It also provides the tools for self actualiztion, entrepreteurship and innovation. An educated workforce is essencial for a transforned economy where technology and a diverse economy allow persons to work across borders. 

The new international airport is in its final stage of construction and should be in operation shortly. A strategic plan is already in place for a new port and the tourism housing stock is prime for FDI infusion with projects already identified for Peter's Hope/Mt Wynne, Bequia and Union Island.

Improvement in airport and port management, air and sea routes and multi-destination tourism are clear prioities for the government of St. vincent and the Grenadines.

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